If I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Do I Pay A Retainer or Anything Up Front?

Most personal injury victims are, at the end of the day, concerned primarily with the ultimate value of their claim, i.e. the "net". That is, after all costs, fees and expenses are deducted -what hits their pocket? 

Understandably, that is really may be all that matters for someone hurt, out of work, behind on expenses, and facing a stack of medical bills. 

So, if you're spending money up front, out of pocket, then that is obviously going to effect the net recovery, as your out of pocket expenditures will need to be recouped. Most Baltimore personal injury lawyers handle  car accident and other personal injury cases on a "contingency fee basis". Meaning, your  lawyer's fees are taken, if at all, only out of your recovery.

If there is no recovery, there are no lawyers fees or costs. 

I offer my Maryland personal injury clients a reduced fee program that allows them to keep a higher percentage of the overall recovery, because the attorney's fee percentage I use is lower than that typically found in the community. Most Baltimore personal injury lawyers routinely advance costs in Maryland car accident and other personal injury cases. In the typical claim, the injury victim is not going to have to pay up front for fees, or, unless you've agreed otherwise, for costs.

I offer a free case analysis, evaluation and strategy planning meeting to my clients. Contact me today to schedule a session. 410 591 2835.  

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Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be thought of as falling into three broad categories. Perhaps the most common are those resulting from negligence. An example would be the careless operation of a car leading to an accident causing injury. Claims may also arise from intentional misconduct like an assault causing injury. A narrow class of claims -called strict liability actions- arise even where the is no wrongful conduct.
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