What are False Arrest and False Imprisonment?

A tort is a civil legal wrong. [e.g. a car accident in Baltimore] We've discussed in other chapters that an act of negligence-e.g. the act that causes that car accident- is a tort, or a tortious act, The law recognizes other tortious intentional acts: 

  • Civil assault.
  • Civil battery.
  • False imprisonment, and the related action of false arrest.

A false imprisonment occurs when ones freedom of movement is restrained against their will. One falsely imprisoned may recover damages. Seasoned personal injury lawyers in Baltimore know that the existence of "probable cause" to detain another is an often stated defense to a charge of false imprisonment. I've prosecuted false arrest and false imprisonment claims. I offer my clients a complimentary case analysis and legal evaluation. Contact me today to arrange yours. 410 591 2835.  



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