What is a warranty?

Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore understand that a warranty is a factual statement, made by a seller to a buyer who relies on that information in deciding to purchase the product. The factual statement can be oral, or written. If the product does not live up to that warranty, and damage or injury result, the consumer is entitled to damages.


Statements of opinion ["that's a great car"] or personal recommendations ["I love that car"] are not considered statements of fact, and therefore do not create a warranty.

"This car will pull 3500 lbs up a 6% grade at 25 mph" would be a factual statement, and therefore a warranty, as the performance of a car.


I personally find that criminal defense work, providing guidance and counsel to those accused of crimes and defending those individuals at trial, is some of the most meaningful and rewarding work that I do. I tend to think of a triable, winnable...

The Top 5 Reasons Why Workers Compensation Claims Are Denied.

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The Top 5 Reasons Not To Post Legal Questions Online

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Can I Switch Lawyers?

The answer is yes. Lawyers are no different in this respect than any other profession. If you were not happy with the work that an auto mechanic was doing on your car -you would find a different mechanic. If you were not happy with the work your...
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