What is a warranty?

Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore understand that a warranty is a factual statement, made by a seller to a buyer who relies on that information in deciding to purchase the product. The factual statement can be oral, or written. If the product does not live up to that warranty, and damage or injury result, the consumer is entitled to damages. Seasoned personal injury lawyers in Baltimore that statements of opinion ["that's a great car"] or personal recommendations ["I love that car"] are not considered statement of fact, and therefore do not create a warranty. "This car will pull 3500 lbs up a 6% grade at 25 mph" would be a factual statement, and therefore a warranty, as the performance of a car.

Black ice and personal injury lawsuits.

The American Meteorological Society tells us black ice is “a popular alternative for glaze. A thin sheet of ice, relatively dark in appearance, may form when light rain or drizzle falls on a road surface that is...

Property damage in personal injury lawsuits

The notion that there is a correlation between the dollar amount of property damage in a motor vehicle accident, and the severity of a personal injury has some logical appeal. If a car’s front end is smashed in, then the occupants would seem...
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