Is my damaged credit actionable?

Increasingly, the law is recognizing that wrongfully injured credit may have just as much impact on ones life as a wrongfully injured body sustained in a Baltimore car accident. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is federal legislation that, among other things, imposes obligations on national credit agencies, and individuals who report credit material, and imposes civil liability for failure to comply with those obligations. Consumers have a right to dispute entries on their report. [Did you know you have a right to, yearly, get a free copy of your credit report?] Injuries to your ability to obtain credit are indeed personal injuries. You'll want to discuss your credit or identity theft concerns with a seasoned Baltimore personal injury attorney.

Black ice and personal injury lawsuits.

The American Meteorological Society tells us black ice is “a popular alternative for glaze. A thin sheet of ice, relatively dark in appearance, may form when light rain or drizzle falls on a road surface that is...
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