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What if My Employer Won't File My Worker's Compensation Claim?

 Any Marylander who has sustained a personal injury on the job, and sought worker’s compensation benefits, knows that there some hardworking, honest employers and insurance carriers out there. These folks timely report injuries, make sure the injured person has immediate medical care, pay compensation, and deliver subsequent medical care to the injured worker.

Then there is everyone else. That is where I come in.

These are the employers that fail or refuse to report legitimate personal injuries occurring on the job. These are the carriers that deny claims without a basis, and deny needed benefits to the injured worker. In theory, workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to be delivered in a self-executing system- providing needed medical care and wage loss benefits to the injured individual. I caution you that this theory is one that rarely applies in practice. We have a worker’s compensation commission that hears thousands of cases a week specifically because worker’s compensation benefits are frequently denied and often delayed. 

I have handled hundreds of workers' compensation cases over the course of the last 20 plus years. I'm constantly amazed by the number of injured workers who must employ a lawyer simply to get the benefits they are entitled to under the law, and which should be automatically provided. 

The reality is hiring a lawyer in any worker's compensation claim is essential. I do not believe you will receive the full package of benefits to which you are entitled without a worker's compensation attorney.

I offer to personally meet with any worker who has injured on the job. I extend a complimentary legal analysis and planning session. If you have questions about a workplace injury, feel free to contact me today. 410 591 2835.