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When Do I Qualify for PIP benefits?

The availability of PIP benefits directly affects the value of a Baltimore automobile/car accident claim as the benefits, in part, cover medical expenses that would otherwise need to be paid from settlements of judgments. Passengers in these vehicles generally do not qualify. 

  • buses
  • taxicabs and
  • state-owned vehicles 

There may be exceptions that should be explored where the injured person is covered under a separate PIP policy. An experienced personal injury attorney can intelligently advise you if you have PIP, if you qualify for When Do I Qualify for PIP benefits? - Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore: Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney | Eric T. Kirk - Baltimore_auto_accident_iii(1)benefits, and assist you in filing a claim.  I assist my clients in filing their PIP claims on request, and at no cost, as an ancillary service to representation in a personal injury claim. I also offer my Maryland clients a reduced attorney fee program for their personal injury cases. Contact me today to discuss the program. I also offer a free case analysis, evaluation and strategy planning meeting to my clients. Contact me today to schedule a session. 410 591 2835.