What's My Case Worth?

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No one wants to be injured. If you have been, you may need help with Affordable Lawyer Bethesda MD . I adamantly believe every injury victim should have access to diligent, effective representation in their quest to achieve a fair award.  If your looking for Affordable Lawyer Bethesda MD call today.

Retain A Larger Percentage

For my Affordable Lawyer Bethesda MD clients, the amount of net “in-their-pocket” money- after attorney’s fees and litigation costs are subtracted- is frequently just as important, if not more important than the total amount of their overall award. I offer my Maryland clients a reduced attorney fee plan for personal injury matters which can allow these injury victims to retain a larger percentage of their overall award. Click on "Reduced Fee Program for Maryland Personal Injury Cases" for more information.

If you've been injured, hurt at work, or have a legal matter that you need help with, contact me. Initial consultations are always free.

Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Brain & Head Trauma, Back, Neck & Spine Injuries, Lost Limb & Amputation, Motorcycle Accidents