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Attorney Owings Mills MD

At the Eric T. Kirk Law Firm, I provide outstanding Attorney services to my clients in Owings Mills MD .

Over the past two decades, I have had the honor of representing thousands of good, hardworking, honest people.

I've defended hundreds of people accused of crimes in Owings Mills MD .

When serving your Attorney needs, I assure you that you will get thorough, individualized solutions fit to your case.

I've recovered millions for those who have suffered from a serious bodily injury in Owings Mills MD .

For all of my clients, the amount of "in your pocket" money is always more important than the amount of their total award.

It is my belief that every person injured by the negligence of another in Owings Mills MD should have access to aggressive and effective legal representation in their battle for fair compensation and justice.

I am always happy to meet with clients to discuss their claims in the Owings Mills MD area.

If you have been injured at work, or injured as a direct result of another's inattention and negligence, I will fight for you.