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Worker's Compensation

  • Workplace & Industrial Accidents
  • Occupational Disease
  • Neck & Back Injuries / Conditions
  • Knee, Shoulder & Wrist Injuries
  • Lost Limb
  • Death Benefits

You have the right to collect worker's compensation benefits

Work related injuries take many forms. Often, accidents- whether caused by another or just unavoidable events -result in personal injury to an employee. Sometimes, however, an employee sustains an injury when exposed to a hazardous substance, or by engaging in repetitive work tasks. No matter what the cause, if you are hurt at work, you have the right to collect worker's compensation benefits. Specifically, you have the right to medical care; you have the right to lost wages, and, if you are severely injured, you have the right to a monetary award based on the severity of your injury.
An employer is supposed to provide these benefits through a system of worker's compensation insurance coverage. It surprises many people to learn that employers and insurers often deny worker's compensation benefits to their employees. Many injured workers choose to employ experienced legal counsel to guide them through the often lengthy, frustrating and confusing process of recovering all of their benefits. 
From negotiation with huge insurance companies, to presenting claims before a worker's compensation commission, many victims need the guidance of an effective advocate to prosecute their claims. I've recovered millions of dollars for injured workers. If you'd been hurt at work, I'd be happy to personally meet with you to discuss your claim. CONSULTATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE.