If you are hurt at work the law gives you the right to collect worker's compensation benefits.

No matter what the cause, if you are hurt at work, you have the right to collect worker's compensation benefits. Specifically, you have the right to:

  • medical care
  •  lost wages, and 
  • if you are severely injured, you have the right to a monetary award based on the severity of the injury.

These are only the basis benefits available in every case. The law provides additional benefits such a vocational rehabilitation permanent disability as well. 

An employer is required to provide these benefits through a system of worker's compensation insurance coverage. The system is designed to be "self-executing", so that benefits are delivered to an injured worker without delay. 

It surprises some people to learn that employers and insurers often deny worker's compensation benefits to their employees, or contest their right to receive benefits.

Many injured workers choose to employ experienced legal counsel to guide them through the often lengthy, frustrating, and confusing process of recovering each and every benefit to which they are entitled.  From negotiation with huge insurance companies, to presenting claims before a worker's compensation commission, many inured workers need the guidance of an effective advocate to prosecute their claims. I am that advocate, an I have years of experience in recovering millions of dollars of contested benefits for injured workers. If you have been hurt at work, I will be happy to personally meet with you to discuss your claim. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary case analysis and strategy planning session. If you have been denied benefits, have not received the compensation you deserve, or you are uncertain of the benefits to which you are entitled, call me. (410) 469-6175.

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