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Looking for a Detailed Analysis Regarding Your Legal Rights?

Over the course of the last decade, I've published in excess of 700 articles in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, workers' compensation and insurance disputes, generally. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your case and learn how I can help.

I Got Hurt At Work. Do I Have A Personal Injury Case, Too?
I got hurt at work. Can I Have More Than One Case?
I Fell On The Sidewalk? Who Can I Sue?
Is the city responsible if I fall on sidewalk?
What is a Wrongful Death Claim?
What can the family recover in a wrongful death case?
Speeding, Negligence, Fault and a Baltimore Automobile Accident
That person was speeding! Are they automatically at fault?
What are Damages?
What is My Compensation Based On in a Personal Injury Case?
I Was Hit While On A Bicycle -Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?
What are the rights of bicyclists in Maryalnd?
How Is Negligence Determined?
A long time Maryalnd injury and accident attorney discusses negligence cases, and how the duty of care owed to others is determined
How To Prove The Other Driver Was At-Fault For A Car Accident.
A seasoned Maryland personal injury lawyer discusses elements of proof at a motor vehicle accident trial.
What if the Insurance Company Says No One Is At Fault for Causing the Accident?
This article explores contentions raised by insurance companies that although there was an accident causing injury, the accident was not the fault of their insured driver and that they will not make payment on the claim.
Who Can I Sue for Causing an Accident. Can an Automobile Maker Be Held Liable?
What If a Defect in the Car Itself Causes an Accident?
Can I Sue Someone Because Their Bakes Failed or They Failed to Maintain Their Vehicle?
Can a mechanical failure cause an accident, and if so, who is responsible?
The Insurance Company Denied My Claim Saying it was an Emergency
Is the driver of the car that hit me responsible? What is this "emergency doctrine?"
Is The Owner Of The Car That Hit Me Responsible For My Injuries And Bills?
Is The Owner Responsible for the Negligence of The Driver?
Who Is At Fault For A Car Accident If There Is No Stop Sign Or Red Light: The Boulevard Rule.
A veteran Baltimore based personal injury attorney discusses the Maryland Boulevard Rule
I Was In A Bus Accident. Do I Have A Claim?
A veteran Baltimore personal injury lawyer discusses the viability of bus accident personal injury claims.
Can A Child Be Negligent Or Contribute To His Or Her Injuries?
A longtime Baltimore area negligence lawyer discusses if a child can contribute to his or her injuries?
What Should You Do After You're Involved In An Automobile Accident?
A long time Maryalnd car accident lawyer gives some advice on what do in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision.

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