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Can I Recover for a Rollover Accident? How Common is a Rollover?

Thorough personal injury and accident lawyers in Baltimore, MD have likely followed “rollover” litigation for years. Despite the lawsuits and substantial improvements in the stability of motor vehicles, a rather amazing number [119,000] of rollover accidents still occur every year. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA], although that figure that is only 2% of all car and automobile accidents.

 The rollover type accident accounts for 1 in 10 fatal accidents.

Obviously, a serious occurrence, and when these accidents happen, the consequences can be extreme, or tragic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] statistics1 reveal

  • Tall, narrow vehicles are more susceptible to rollover
  • Speed is a factor in, and a significant factor in fatal, rollover incidents
  • Alcohol, rural roadways and driver behavior are significant contributing factors

Perhaps the most surprising statistic is that some 85% of fatal rollover accidents are single vehicle accidents.2 Obviously, these events are a serious occurrence, and when these accidents happen, the consequences can be extreme, or tragic. 

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