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Did I Have the Right of Way?

For most of us, including most Baltimore personal injury lawyers, it has been a long time since Driver's Ed. Of course, if a sign, or traffic light controls an intersection, those traffic control devices determine who has the right of way. But what if there is no traffic control device? Experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers know that the age-old rule that a vehicle at an intersection has a statutory right of way over vehicles approaching from the left, and must yield to those approaching from the right. Now, these are not absolute privileges, and, in any event would apply to vehicles arriving at that intersection at essentially the same time in any event. [Another old rule provides that the first car in an intersection has the right of way over all cars that arrive later.] Of course, all drivers must use reasonable care at all times.

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 5/24/19. 

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