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Four Loko May Have Been Involved in Fatal Automobile Accident

The consumption of Four Loko has been cited as a factor in an automobile crash that killed a Maryland woman. The FDA is considering a ban of this and similar "alcoholic energy drinks". Some states- Washington, Michigan, Utah Oklahoma and Michigan- have already banned the sale of the beverages, and others, such as Maryland, are considering a ban. The FDA has conducted studies to determine if caffeine is a safe additive for alcoholic beverages, but the jury is still out.

Critics of the beverages argue that, as the drinks contain as much alcohol as 4 beers, and as much caffeine as 1-3 cups of coffee, users may not feel the effects of the alcohol as quickly, or at all, and may be more confident in their abilities.

Lawyers for the makers of Four Loko state they will remove the caffeine. Consumption of these beverages has also been cited as a factor in multiple hospitalizations and at least one automobile accident causing severe personal injury.