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Homicide By Motor Vehicle While Under The Influence Of Alcohol or Impaired in Maryland

Negligent driving, alone, that results in the death of a person carries a penalty of three years. 

The penalties go up if a vehicle and alcohol are involved, and a death results. 

A person who negligently operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol commits a felony, when a death results. A good criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore will advise the client in this unfortunate situation they face 5 years in jail for negligently operating a car [or boat] under the influence of alcohol. The state has two avenues to prove influence: a blood alcohol level of .08, or testimony that the person was intoxicated.

There is also a lesser offense possible at the unfortunate junction of driving while using an intoxicating substance and the loss of human life. If the driver is impaired by alcohol, and negligently operates a vehicle resulting in death, the penalty is up to 3 years. 

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 3/2/20. 

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