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How Does One Exert Unauthorized Control Over Property?

Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Baltimore, MD are well aware the State can prove a theft by showing a defendant exerted control over property without permission. The omnibus theft statues gives us a non-exclusive list of how one may exert control over property. Included are things such as:

  • selling
  • conveying, or
  • transferring title

When done with or to the property of to the property of another, without permission, this may well suffice as proof of unauthorized control, and establish criminal responsibility. People have control of the property of another all the time: a valet, storage unit, electronic items sent in for repair are all examples. In each of those instances, the owner has given permission for another to temporarily control their property. The requisite criminal intent is missing. 

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 1/28/20. 

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Eric T Kirk

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