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What If I Can't Find The Person that Hit Me: The Hit and Run Accident

Experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers have likely brought claims under 20-601 of the Transportation Code. If one is hit by an uninsured, disappearing or unidentified driver of a motor vehicle, and sustains injury, a claim may be made against MAIF. There are many pitfalls. Notice must be timely given. Typically, in these situations, one would look to their own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. There are many classes of individuals who cannot bring claims [e.g. one operating a car that itself has no uninsured motorist coverage]. So that driver who did not ensure their car would not be eligible, but a passenger, or pedestrian, if no vehicle is involved, may. If the statutory qualifications are satisfied, then a claim for personal injury or property damage may be made against the fund. Due to the intricacies of these claims, you should always consult a knowledgeable Baltimore personal injury lawyer early on regarding your rights under this section.

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 5/16/19.