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What is the value of my personal injury case?

What is my personal injury case worth?

It's a legitimate question that every victim asks, and that Baltimore personal injury attorneys here every day. In my experience, it is often prefaced with qualifiers like "It's not about the money, but......", or "I'm not in this to get rich, but.....".

In my business, it is about the money, and that is absolutely accepted and understood.

If you have been injured by the negligence of another, [ e.g. in a Baltimore car accident] our system of justice recognizes that, although money is a poor substitute for your health and peace of mind, it is how the law measures the magnitude of your loss. The idea that money is substituted for an intangible loss is not only accepted and understood, it's really the core of our civil justice system. An experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer can give you guidance on the value of your case. A variety of factors are involved in determining a fair value range for your case: 

  • the amount of your medical expense and lost wages
  • the opinions of your doctors regarding your prognosis
  • the physical and mental distress you've experienced, and
  •  a great many more than an experienced personal injury attorney will evaluate and assess when analyzing your case

Put aside the discomfort and apprehensions when talking about money in the same sentence with your injury claim. It's OK. It is about the money. If you've been injured, feel free to contact me today to discuss the potential value of your claim. 

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 1/31/19. 

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