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When Can an Injury From a Manufacturing Defect Entitle You to Compensation?
We've seen that the elements of "defective" and "unreasonably dangerous" can be proven by showing a flawed design, or by showing a defect in the manufacturing of the product itself. The concept of faulty design is explored in another chapter. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer trying a strict liability products case premised on defective manufacturing argues that the jury should first consider the specifications of the product being manufactured. If that product does not meet those specs, and the other elements of the claim have been proven, the jury is allowed to decide whether to award damages, and how much. Seasoned Baltimore personal injury lawyers have successfully argued that a manufacturer of a product has a heightened duty to make a protect consumers from unreasonable injury in the event of an accident. [MCPJI 26:15]
    -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 6/5/19. 

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