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When Is It Legal to Pass a Car in Maryland?

Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore can tell you some of the basic rules about passing.

  • You've got to do it on the left.
  • You can't in a no passing zone.
  • You can't do it if a hill or curve obscures your view.
  • You've got to get back in your lane within 200 feet of an oncoming car.

It is illegal for the passed car to speed up, and the driver of the passed car must "give way" to the passing car if demanded by audible signal. In any event, passing is a dangerous maneuver and sometimes results in car and motor vehicle accidents. I have successfully argued on countless occasions that drivers who fail to adhere to these rules are negligent, and the cause of many accidents. Insurance companies are known to vigorously deny and contest cases. The largest insurance companies ofter employ a seasoned, highly skilled attorney to argue these laws should preclude the injured party from recovery.  Many times trials are necessary to resolve the claims. 

     -This Article was updated by Eric Kirk on 9/11/19. 

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