I've Been Charged With Reckless Endangerment. What Is That?

To convict under this charge, the State must prove, beyond a reasonableI've Been Charged With Reckless Endangerment. What Is That? - Attorney Blog Baltimore MD - Criminal Defense, Personal Injury Lawyer - Eric T. Kirk - baltimore_maryland_dui_lawyer doubt, that the defendant recklessly created a substantial risk serious physical injury or death, to another. As with assault, one does not actually have to injure another to be convicted of crime.


It is threat of harm that is the object of these types of statutes, and the gravemen of this offense not actual harm itself.

While this offense is a misdemeanor, it is nevertheless punishable by five years in prison. Recklessness is not the same as intent. The defendant does not need to know that someone may be harmed, just be aware that harm is possible outcome, and disregard that risk.

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