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Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Dundalk

Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

Dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer Eric Kirk has been helping Maryland victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents recover millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. Being involved in an accident can be frightening and life-changing. Recovery can take months, years, or an entire lifetime. When someone else's negligence causes an accident or injury, however, the victim is entitled to a fair compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and the diminishment of their quality of life.

Knowing what to do after an accident is critical to the outcome of your case. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a vehicle accident, dedicated and compassionate attorney Eric Kirk can guide you through the legal process and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Eric Kirk helps victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Car/Automobile Accidents

  • Truck and Trailer Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents

  • Train and Bus Accidents

  • Boat/Watercraft Accidents

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

  • What to Do After an Accident

    • First, notify the police and seek medical attention immediately after the car accident, even if you do not feel that you or family members are seriously injured. Let a doctor make that determination.
    • Next, take pictures of everything: the vehicles, the tags on the vehicles, other drivers, and of course, the accident scene.
    • After that, write down the names and contact information of any witnesses and note the presence of police, city, or commercial cameras.

    Immediately after a motor vehicle accident when emotions are high, it can be easy to unknowingly forfeit your legal rights by admitting fault or guilt, or signing a statement that releases the other party from liability. Use caution in discussing the incident with anyone other than the police and your attorney. Keeping accurate records, fully documenting your loss, and contacting an experienced accident attorney as soon as possible after the incident are all crucial to the outcome of your claim.

    Available Compensation for Maryland Vehicle Accidents

    Dundalk Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    If you were involved in a vehicle accident due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to considerable compensation based on the following:

    Medical Expenses - You can seek full coverage for all current and future medical costs associated with your injury including doctor visits, medication, surgeries, physical therapy, or psychological counseling.

    Lost Wages - If your injury leaves you unable to work temporarily or indefinitely, you can seek coverage and get financial compensation for lost wages in your personal injury claim.

    Property Damage - This is the amount it costs to repair or replace your vehicle. Although your vehicle is covered by insurance, there may be additional out-of-pocket costs for which you can seek compensation.

    Pain and Suffering - In addition to physical injury, accidents can cause psychological and emotional trauma that can significantly impact your life and future. The law allows injured victims to seek damages for non-economic damages associated with an accident such as PTSD, anxiety, disfigurement, scarring, embarrassment, chronic pain, and more.

    Wrongful Death - When a negligent party causes the death of a close family member, families and loved ones have the right to seek justice and compensation. Surviving family members, such as a spouse, children, or a parent, may recover survivor benefits and damages for monetary loss, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium (loss of companionship, comfort, protection, care, attention, advice, counsel, training, and guidance). The statute of limitations on wrongful death claims in Maryland is 3 years.

    Personal Injury Lawyer Eric Kirk

    Choosing a skilled and reputable attorney to represent you in your accident case is an important decision. When it comes to navigating complicated legal and medical issues and standing up to large insurance companies, you need strong representation and a fierce advocate on your side. With over 20 years of trial experience and a strong presence in Dundalk and Maryland courts, Eric Kirk has a history of successful results and has secured millions of dollars in compensation for injury victims.

    He has firmly established himself with insurance companies as an aggressive advocate for clients who is willing to take cases to trial in order to deliver justice. You need someone who will exhaust every resource possible in order to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a traffic accident, Maryland's premier injury lawyer, Eric Kirk, will fight on your behalf to hold negligent parties responsible and maximize the value of your claim.

    Hear directly from our clients:

    Eric helped me through a very stressful time...

    "Eric help me through a very stressful time after my car accident. Eric was very patient in explaining things that were unclear and helped me navigate through the various steps of the insurance claim. Not having to deal with the insurance company helped me concentrate on getting physically and emotionally better."

    Rating: ***** 5 / 5 stars

    If you have been seriously injured in a traffic accident, attorney Eric Kirk can help you get the compensation and justice you need to move on with your life. Request a free consultation to further discuss your case by filling out the form below.