Work Injury Lawyer Catonsville, MD

Work Injury Lawyer Catonsville, MD

It may come as a surprise that even after a serious work injury event, employers may prioritize themselves instead of their employees, which may lead to needing a Catonsville, MD work injury lawyer. Employers owe a duty to their workers to keep the job and environment as reasonably safe as possible. When an injury event happens, employers may wrongfully deny or otherwise mishandle a workers’ compensation claim in order to save them money. This is a serious offense to worker’s rights and intervention from Attorney Eric T. Kirk is strongly advised. Our law firm has decades of experience in yielding successful outcomes for clients. If you have questions or concerns about the way your workers’ compensation claim is being handled, we urge you to speak with us now. 

Negotiating For You

Many workers find it to be immensely stressful to deal with a workers’ compensation claim alone. They may not know the law or may be too injured to have enough energy to advocate for themselves. That is where assistance from a Catonsville work injury lawyer can be useful, as we can handle the legal aspect while you take care of yourself. Injured workers can employ legal counsel to get them through the often frustrating and confusing process of receiving the benefits they were entitled to. Whether you need help with negotiations or preparing for a case in front of a workers’ compensation commission, you can rely on our services. Our focus is on negotiating for your side, which should have been the priority from the start. 

An Employer’s Duties

What many workers may not realize is that their employer is responsible for providing a work area that is reasonably free of hazards. This even applies to fields where workers are inherently at risk due to the nature of the work (such as construction). An employer must offer protective equipment, enforce procedures that reduce the risk of injury, and attend to hazards promptly and entirely. If you believe that your employer failed in their duties to keep you safe, then that is even more reason to speak with a lawyer about your situation. Unfortunately, many employers are only thinking about what is in their best interest, and not what a worker needs after a serious injury event. 

Attorney Eric T. Kirk

If you have been injured at work, Attorney Eric T. Kirk is ready to offer support. We offer a complimentary case evaluation so that you can better understand your rights and what would be the next step in ensuring your workers’ compensation claim is handled fairly. When it comes to workplace injury accidents, workers can suffer physically and financially if their benefits don’t fully cover their expenses. You can trust that our team will watch out for you and can advocate relentlessly for your behalf. Please do not hesitate to speak with a Catonsville work injury lawyer, as the sooner we hear about your story the sooner we can work to reach a solution. Contact us by emailing or calling today. 

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