Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Catonsville, MD

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Catonsville, MD

If you have been in a motorcycle wreck, then you may need a Catonsville, MD motorcycle accident lawyer to help you recover and get the compensation you need. You may be owed restitution for your lost wages, medical care costs, property damage to your motorcycle, and more. Attorney Eric T. Kirk is experienced in handling personal injury cases, can assist you in filing a claim promptly, and increase your chances of getting the most compensation possible. Having the presence and intervention of a lawyer at a time like this can make all the difference in how your claim is handled, how much you receive, and in ensuring a fair outcome. Please contact our law firm today if you or a loved one has suffered from a motorcycle accident. 

Preventing A Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcyclist, you may have done everything in your power to avoid being involved in a crash. But unfortunately, there are so many drivers out there who do not have your best of interest in mind. Even if you did your best to ride safely, a Catonsville motorcycle accident lawyer knows that it cannot completely prevent an accident from happening. Drivers can often be seen speeding, changing lanes unsafely, tailing, not yielding to a right-of-way, or engaging in other unsafe behaviors. Motorcyclists in particular tend to not be seen in the moments before collision, simply because the driver failed to thoroughly examine their surroundings before a maneuver. As a motorcyclist, you can reduce the chance of being in an accident by obeying the speed limit, driving defensively, performing routine maintenance, avoiding distractions, and wearing protective riding gear. 

What To Know Right Now

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, there are important things to do right now. Firsty, go to the doctor for a medical examination if you haven’t already. Having medical documentation that supports your injury claims can be helpful. We know that in motorcycle crashes, the injuries to the motorcyclist can be severe. It is rare that someone can walk away from a motorcycle accident unscathed. Secondly, notify your insurance company about the accident so they can initiate the insurance process. But be wary that if an insurance adjuster calls you, it may be to find ways to reduce the value of your claim. Sadly, insurance companies are for profit after all, and may use your words against you so they don’t have to pay out as much in compensation. All in all, it’s recommended that you speak with a lawyer so that you have someone to protect you and advocate for your side. 

Attorney Eric T. Kirk

As a victim in a personal injury accident, is it imperative that you act quickly. The reason for this is so that your team at Attorney Eric T. Kirk can obtain and preserve evidence that could change the outcome for your case. Waiting too long can risk evidence being lost or destroyed. A Catonsville motorcycle accident lawyer can get started evaluating your case today. Once we know more about your specific situation, we can suggest how to proceed from here. We are waiting to offer support.  

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