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 It shocks many, but Maryland employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies often deny needed benefits to injured workers and contest their right to receive treatment and compensation. I have a decades long history of waging successful battles with the nation’s largest workers’ compensation insurance companies. You must have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to obtain that which has been denied. I fight daily to secure those wrongfully denied and withheld benefits for injured workers.

If You Are Hurt at Work the Law Gives You the Right to Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits

No matter what the cause, if you are hurt at work, you have the right to collect worker’s compensation benefits. As an injured worker, you have the right to:

These are only the basic benefits available in most cases. The law provides additional benefits such a vocational rehabilitation and permanent disability as well. The circumstances surrounding your work accident must be carefully scrutinized. You may be entitled to additional compensation by bringing a third-party personal injury claim in an appropriate circumstance. An employer is required to provide these benefits through a system of worker’s compensation insurance coverage. The system is designed to be “self-executing” to deliver benefits to an injured worker without delay.

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Know What to Expect with Workers Compensation Claims

It surprises many people to learn that Maryland employers and insurers often deny worker’s compensation benefits to their employees or contest their right to receive benefits.
Baltimore’s injured workers often choose to employ experienced legal counsel to guide them through the often lengthy, frustrating, and confusing process of recovering every benefit they are entitled to. Whether it is negotiations with huge insurance companies or trying cases before a worker’s compensation commission, injured workers need the guidance of an effective advocate to prosecute their claims. Make no mistake, the insurance company on the other side will employ skilled and effective attorneys who will forcefully argue that the court should ratify the insurance company’s denial of your claim. You need an equally effective advocate in your corner. 

“I am that advocate. I have years of experience and have recovered millions of dollars and contested, denied benefits for those hurt on the job.”

If you have been hurt at work, I will be happy to meet with you personally or consult telephonically or on the video platform of your choosing to discuss your claim. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary case analysis and strategy planning session. 

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Unfortunately, there are as many ways an employee can be injured as there are employees. Compensable injuries and conditions -those for which the injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits- can result from an accident, from repetitive trauma to a body part, or from exposure to a toxic substance.

  • Workplace & Industrial Accidents
  • Neck & Back Injuries / Conditions
  • Knee, Shoulder & Wrist Injuries
  • Lost Limb
  • Occupational Diseases
  • Death Benefits
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