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If you have been harmed by the negligence or actions of another, you are entitled to fair compensation for your pain, distress, anguish, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and the diminishment of your quality of life. I offer all my clients a complimentary legal analysis and strategy planning session.

Local Baltimore Attorney with experience in Auto Accidents and Workplace Injuries

I’ve recovered millions for those who have sustained serious bodily injury in automobile and workplace accidents. Contact me to discuss your case and to begin putting together the strongest defense possible.

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You need a dedicated advocate to fight for your rights, and obtain full and fair compensation for you. I am that advocate.
- Eric T. Kirk
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When Your Freedom and Future Hang in the Balance, You are Entitled to a Hardened and Experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

Any criminal charge is a serious matter and deserves a vigorous and skilled defense. If you stand accused of an offense, nothing is more important than understanding the protections afforded to you by the U.S. Constitution and ensuring that your rights are preserved and utilized.

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Are You Unsatisfied with Your Insurance’s Response to Your Claim?

We take every effort to ensure that you receive rightful compensation from your insurance company. I have successfully pursued thousands of claims which were denied and disputed by the nation’s largest insurance companies and obtained the compensation denied to my clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take in Maryland to settle a personal injury case?

A distinction must be made here between the forms of overall “resolution” of a personal injury case – whether by settlement or verdict after trial. An amicable, pre-suit settlement is one way that a case can conclude, not the only one, and the timeframes are different based on the path to closure. A case that goes to trial can take many months or years to resolve. A case that settles is generally resolved within a shorter time…
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Is it worth hiring an attorney for a minor auto accident?

Yes. An insurance company representative will invariably tell you that any accident is “minor” one. Minor accidents do not cost an insurance company a lot of money. A major, or significant, accident may cost that same company a tremendous amount of money….
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  • Thank you Eric Kirk for your superb handling of my Worker’s Compensation Case. You were very thorough and took the time to understand me and what I was experiencing, working with me side-by side. You were recommended to me by a satisfied prior client and I would recommend you 100%. Thanks again for a job well done.

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