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The definition of a “personal injury” is simple: someone’s negligence and carelessness harmed another person. Bodily injury can take many forms and arise from many causes. From car accident cases to premises liability cases and wrongful death claims, I’ve seen it all. When someone else is at fault for a person’s injuries, the law gives that victim the right to a financial recovery. I’ve spent my career recovering compensation for people who’ve been hurt — through no fault of their own — by the wrongful acts of others. When a difficult insurance company denies a reasonable payment request, I immediately and vigorously pursue monetary redress and satisfaction by filing a personal injury lawsuit and asking a jury to decide fair and just compensation. The essential goal of a personal injury claim is to recover the losses sustained by the Plaintiff- both economic and non-economic- caused by the defendant’s actions.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

  • Car accident cases
  • Wrongful death
  • Product defects
  • Workplace accidents
  • Premises liability cases- such as slip and fall accidents

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Hurt by Someone Else’s Negligence?
You May Have A Personal Injury Case

Accidents happen every day. Sometimes accidents are caused by things outside of our control, like an act of God or a natural disaster. Often, however, so-called “accidents” are caused by an individual’s failure to exercise an appropriate level of caution and respect for others’ safety. When someone fails to act sensibly and engages in conduct a reasonable person would not, they create a risk of harm to others. The law deems such behavior to be negligent, and a negligent actor is held accountable for the losses of anyone they harm. When you reach out to our law firm, we begin assembling your personal injury claim from the first moment. If you’ve sustained damage and loss in an accident, you’re not alone. Reach out now for a free confidential case analysis, and let’s discuss your injury claim.

Compensation & Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Maryland law recognizes an accident victim’s right to recover monetary compensation — known as “damages”. Putting a dollar value on the specific ways in which an injury has changed someone’s quality of life is a difficult analysis- but it is the most important thing a personal injury attorney does. Every case is distinctive, and the precise amount of compensation a personal injury victim can receive is based on the unique losses they have sustained. Any loss sustained may be recovered.

Common Elements of Financial Recovery in Person Injury Cases

  • Repairing or replacing damaged property
  • Medical bills and other medical expenses past, present, and future
  • Lost wages, and loss of earning potential past, present, and future.

Non economic damages, including physical and mental pain, anguish distress and, inconvenience past, present, and future, as well as disfigurement, scarring, and embarrassment.

The initial step on the road to financial recovery typically is the presentation of a claim to the involved Maryland insurance company. Many who have not been through a similar experience before are surprised, even shocked, by the way their claim is handled. Insurance claims are frequently delayed for uncertain reasons. Many are denied outright, based on an insurance company’s position that there is “no coverage” or “no accident”. A common tactic is to minimize the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries, or to blame any conceivable cause other that the accident- for the plaintiff’s injuries. When your personal injury claim is denied, or an unreasonably low settlement offer made, the only option is to file a personal injury lawsuit and ask a jury of Marylander’s to decide fair compensation.

If your life has been impacted by someone else’s negligent actions, you are entitled to recover damages. Call our law firm for a free analysis to find out more. It’s important to understand your rights and know your options moving forward.

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Millions of Dollars Recovered for Maryland Personal Injury Victims

Practicing in Maryland, NY and Florida as personal injury lawyer for over 25 years, it has been my honor to recover millions of dollars for personal injury victims and help them get their lives back on track. Many negligence victims choose to employ experienced legal counsel to guide them through the often lengthy, frustrating, and confusing process of recovering compensation for their injuries. As your dedicated advocate, a personal injury attorney does it all, from identifying a viable claim, negotiating with huge, often recalcitrant insurance companies, and presenting your claim to a court or jury over the course of a personal injury lawsuit.

Victims need the guidance of a dedicated and effective advocate to fight for your rights, advance their claims, and obtain full and fair compensation. I am that advocate. Eric T. Kirk Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore: Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney | Eric T. Kirk

Eric T. Kirk Personal Injury Law’s Promise to You

Hiring a Maryland injury lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive, or require up-front costs. Most personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis [i.e. no costs unless there is recovery]. I have always believed all accident and injury victims should have access to dedicated personal injury lawyers at a fair rate. That’s why I offer my Maryland personal injury clients a reduced fee program that features a lower attorney fee than what is typically charged in the community. My reduced fee program gives my clients the ability to keep a greater percentage of their overall award in their pocket and get the help they deserve with serious personal injury cases. I am licensed in Maryland, New York, and Florida and have a long and well-documented history of helping clients in the greater Baltimore area recover fair and just compensation for personal injury claims. I represent personal injury law clients throughout Maryland, including Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County, and Baltimore County. If you’ve been injured, I’d be honored to meet with you — in person, via a remote platform, or an old fashioned phone call— to review your potential Maryland personal injury claim. This initial legal analysis and case opinion is a complimentary service I offer to my clients. Fill out the form below, and I will personally contact you as soon as I can to discuss your personal injury case. Know your rights, know your options, and make informed decisions about you and your family’s future.

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  • Thank you Eric Kirk for your superb handling of my Worker’s Compensation Case. You were very thorough and took the time to understand me and what I was experiencing, working with me side-by side. You were recommended to me by a satisfied prior client and I would recommend you 100%. Thanks again for a job well done.

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