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DUI Lawyer Baltimore, MDBaltimore DUI Lawyer

If you were recently arrested for drunk driving, you may want to contact a Baltimore, MD DUI lawyer. A DUI is a serious charge and shouldn’t be taken lightly. An experienced lawyer can help you fight your charges and look out for your best interests.

How to Explain a DUI During a Job Interview

People with DUI’s on their records may worry about finding a job. While it may be more difficult to get certain jobs with a DUI, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips for explaining a DUI during a job interview.

  • Be honest. If an employer asks you about your criminal record during an interview, you may be tempted to not mention your DUI. However, this can backfire late on. Many employers conduct background checks and can easily discover that you have a DUI. If they find out that you lied about it, they probably won’t hire you.
  • Own up to your mistake. Some people make the mistake of not accepting blame for their DUI in an interview. For example, they might say that they weren’t actually that drunk or the arresting police officer had it out for them. This won’t look good to a potential employer. It’s important to own up to your mistake. A potential employer will respect you more if you admit that you were in the wrong.
  • Talk about how you have grown. Although driving drunk is a terrible thing to do, it does not necessarily make you a bad person. You may have completely changed since the ordeal. If that is the case, a Baltimore DUI lawyer may suggest talking about that with a potential employer. For example, you may have completed drug and alcohol treatment and have stayed out of trouble ever since.
  • Discuss the positive things you have done. After disclosing a DUI, you may worry that a potential employer may view you in a negative light. One thing you can do is highlight some of the positive actions you have made yet. Perhaps you started volunteering at an animal shelter or have helped out at a senior center. A potential employer may shift the focus on your positive contributions and still consider you for the position.
  • Provide references. If you have a DUI, it may be helpful to provide references of people who can say positive things about your character. Whether it is a past boss or friend, character references can improve your chances of getting a job.

Getting Your DUI Expunged

If your DUI conviction is making it more difficult to get a job, you may want to talk to a lawyer about getting it expunged. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to remove the conviction from your record. Then, you may have more job opportunities.

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