Baltimore Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurance Claim Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Insurance Claim LawyerIf you are having trouble reaching an agreement with your car insurance claim, it may be time to reach out to a Baltimore, MD insurance claim lawyer. A lawyer can communicate with your insurance company on your behalf and help you reach a better agreement.

Common Reasons Why Insurance Claims Get Denied

You pay your car insurance premiums every month, so you expect your insurance company to promptly pay out your claims. If your insurance company recently denied your claim, you may feel frustrated. Here are some common reasons why insurance claims get denied.

  • You were at fault for the accident. If you were found to be at fault in a car accident, your insurance company may decide to reject your claim. This is especially true if you were breaking the law when the accident occurred, such as drinking and driving or texting.
  • You waited too long to inform your insurance company. It is important to let your insurance company know that you’ve been in a car accident as soon as possible. While you may need a day or two to process what happened, you should not wait too long to call your insurance company. The insurance company needs plenty of time to properly investigate the accident while the evidence is still valid. If you do not notify them soon enough about the accident, they may deny your claim.
  • You did not receive prompt medical attention. As a Baltimore insurance claim lawyer can confirm, you should seek emergency medical care as soon as possible after a car accident. Even if you feel okay initially, you may still be hurt. Some injuries do not show symptoms for days or weeks after an accident. If your insurance company discovers that you didn’t go see a doctor right after an accident, it could result in a claim denial.
  • Your claim exceeds your maximum coverage. It is important to know your policy limits. If your policy is not enough to meet your needs, your insurance claim may get denied.
  • You do not have a diagnosed injury. In order to be reimbursed for your medical bills, your doctor has to find a diagnosable injury. If your doctor did not diagnose an injury, you can’t expect your claim to get approved. Additionally, if you have a pre-existing condition, it may be more difficult to establish that the accident directly caused the injury.

What to Do If Your Insurance Claim Was Denied

If you believe that your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, an insurance claim lawyer may be able to help. A lawyer can review your case and determine if the insurance company was in the wrong or not. If your lawyer determines that your insurance company was in the wrong, he or she can help you file an appeal.

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