Plaintiff’s Attorney in Baltimore’s Charles Village /21218, 21211 Neighborhood

Injured Charles Village residents sometimes become “Plaintiffs”. This Baltimore neighborhood might be known for its historic rowhouses, tree-lined streets, and vibrant community life, but there is no shortage of car accidents in Baltimore’s Charles Village. I am a Plaintiff’s attorney handling cases in Baltimore’s Charles Village neighborhood. A Plaintiff, in this this context, is an injured person who files an action in court, most often with the assistance of their lawyer, to seek compensation for their personal injuries. Eric T. Kirk routinely handles cases of exactly this type as part of his personal injury law practice.

Charles Village is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, located in the northern part of the city. It is situated to the east of Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus and is bounded by the following:

  • North: University Parkway
  • South: 25th Street
  • East: Greenmount Avenue
  • West: North Howard Street

Charles Village is notable for several reasons:

Architectural Style: The neighborhood is known for its distinctive, colorful rowhouses, many of which feature large front porches and unique architectural details. These homes often showcase bright, pastel colors, giving the area a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Cultural and Artistic Scene: Charles Village hosts a variety of cultural and artistic events. The annual Charles Village Festival was a highlight, featuring live music, local vendors, and activities for all ages.

Green Spaces: The neighborhood boasts several parks and green spaces, such as Wyman Park Dell and the nearby Druid Hill Park, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Historic Significance: The neighborhood has a rich history, with many buildings and sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Charles Village Architectural District preserves the architectural heritage and ensures that new developments are in harmony with the historic character of the area.

Where Can the Injured Get Medical Care in Charles Village?

Johns Hopkins Hospital: Located at 1800 Orleans Street, this world-renowned medical institution offers comprehensive medical services and is a short drive from Charles Village.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital: Situated at 201 E. University Parkway, this hospital is very close to Charles Village and provides a range of healthcare services including orthopedics, cardiovascular care, and general surgery.

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital: Located at 5601 Loch Raven Boulevard, it is also relatively close to Charles Village, offering various medical services including rehabilitation, orthopedics, and geriatric care.

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore:  Located at 2401 W. Belvedere Avenue, it offers comprehensive medical care and is a bit further north of Charles Village.

Major Intersections In The Charles Village Neighborhood In Baltimore, Maryland

In the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, several major intersections serve as key points of reference, and unfortunately, a reference point for countless car accidents. These intersections are often busy and form significant hubs within the community. The chart below shows Baltimore City car crashes by month. Those involved in accidents might call upon a Plaintiff’s attorney in  Baltimore’s Charles Village for legal advice.

charles village baltimore accident attorney

North Charles Street and East 33rd Street: This is one of the main intersections in Charles Village, close to Johns Hopkins University and various shops, cafes, and restaurants.

St. Paul Street and East 31st Street: Another central intersection, providing access to local businesses, residential areas, and the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University.

Calvert Street and East 29th Street: This intersection is near the southern part of Charles Village and provides access to the residential areas and several amenities.

Greenmount Avenue and East 33rd Street: Located on the eastern edge of Charles Village, this intersection connects to Waverly and other nearby neighborhoods.

North Howard Street and West 27th Street: Found on the western boundary of Charles Village, this intersection is close to the Charles North neighborhood and provides access to various local amenities and businesses.

Case Study: Charles Village Car Accident

Let’s analyze the facts of hypothetical but illustrative car accident with injury occurring in Baltimore’s Charles Village neighborhood. The accident occurred at the intersection of North Charles Street and East 33rd Street. Two vehicles were involved: a red sedan and a blue SUV. The sedan was traveling north on North Charles Street, while the SUV was making a left turn from East 33rd Street onto North Charles Street. Injuries: Both drivers sustained minor injuries and were treated on-site by paramedics. Both drivers contacted their insurance companies immediately after the accident. Neither insurance adjuster came to the scene within an hour to assess the damage and begin the claims process. Plaintiff’s Lawyers in Baltimore’s Charles Village know, ad perhaps assume, that left turning drivers are typically found “at-fault” for an accident.

Plaintiff’s Attorney in Baltimore’s Charles Village: Legal Analysis

Upon further investigation and review, the SUV driver contended that they had entered that intersection on a yellow light. Under Maryland law, a driver is no expected to stop when confronted with a yellow, but may proceed with caution. The SUV driver’s Baltimore car accident lawyer argued that his client should have a “right to clear” the intersection when it was lawfully entered.  Indeed, the concept has been long recognized by Maryland appellate courts hearing personal injury cases.

“It is perfectly clear….that a driver having a green light in his favor cannot ignore traffic in the intersection when the light changes. The amber interval affords vehicles facing it an opportunity to stop and requires that they stop, but if such stop cannot be made in safety a vehicle may be driven cautiously through the intersection (internal citations/quotations omitted).

Here the court goes on to explain the rationale for the “right to clear” concept, often argued at trial by experienced Charles Village, Baltimore car accident lawyers.

“It also allows time for vehicles entering on a green or amber to complete the crossing, but does not authorize entry against a red light. If the amber interval is insufficient in the case of wide streets or long or ponderous vehicles, the mere fact that the light may have turned green in favor of traffic moving along the intersecting street does not alter the right to complete the passage.”

-Eastern Contractors, Inc. v. State to Use of Seifert, 169 A.2d 430, 225 Md. 112 (Md. 1961)

To get from the Charles Village neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland to 1001 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland, you can follow these driving directions: Start: Begin at the intersection of North Charles Street and East 33rd Street in Charles Village. Head South: Drive south on North Charles Street for approximately 2 miles. Turn Left: Turn left onto East Mount Vernon Place. Turn Right: Turn right onto North Calvert Street. Arrive: Continue on North Calvert Street until you reach 1001 North Calvert Street, which will be on your right. Alternative Routes: Via Public Transportation: Start: Walk to the bus stop at North Charles Street and East 33rd Street. Bus: Take the local bus route (e.g., Route 3 or 61) heading south towards downtown Baltimore. Transfer: At a convenient transfer point, switch to a bus route that goes towards Mount Vernon, where North Calvert Street is located. Arrive: Get off at a stop near 1001 North Calvert Street. Via Walking: Start: Begin walking south on North Charles Street. Route: Continue south for approximately 2 miles. Turn: Turn left onto East Mount Vernon Place. Right Turn: Turn right onto North Calvert Street. Arrive: Walk to 1001 North Calvert Street. Via Ride-Sharing Services: You can use services like Uber or Lyft by inputting your current location in Charles Village and setting your destination as 1001 North Calvert Street. The ride will take approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. These directions should help you navigate from Charles Village to your destination efficiently.

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