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Frankford like any other congested urban area, sees its fair share of car accidents and other personal injury events. This is a neighborhood located in Baltimore, Maryland, situated in the northeastern quadrant of the city. Here, there are busy, high-volume intersections that local area car accident lawyers in Frankford, Baltimore know well.

For orientation, consider the following landmarks and boundaries:

  • Northeastern Baltimore: Frankford is in this region, which is characterized by a mix of residential and commercial areas.
  • Surrounding Neighborhoods: It is near other neighborhoods like Belair-Edison, Overlea, and Rosedale.
  • Proximity to City Landmarks: It’s relatively far from the downtown area of Baltimore, lying more towards the outskirts of the city.

Now, Frankford may not be as widely recognized for landmark attractions as other areas in the city, but it has its own unique characteristics and aspects that contribute to the city’s diverse urban tapestry. Some notable features:

  • Residential Character: Frankford is primarily a residential area. This neighborhood is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with a variety of housing options including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Years of experience as a personal injury and auto accident attorney in Frankford Baltimore MD has, unfortunately, led me to conclude that urban and suburban mixed business/residential areas are fraught with the potential for accident and injury.
  • Diversity: Like many parts of Baltimore, Frankford is known for its diverse population. This diversity is reflected in the community’s culture and local businesses.
  • Green Spaces: The area is appreciated for its access to green spaces and parks, which offer recreational opportunities for residents. Parks such as Herring Run Park  can be nearby, providing a natural respite from the urban environment.
  • Community Initiatives: There may be various community initiatives and organizations working towards neighborhood improvement, safety, and community building.
  • Local Businesses and Amenities: Frankford hosts a variety of local businesses and amenities that cater to the daily needs of its residents. This can range from local eateries to shops and service businesses.
  • Educational Institutions: The presence of schools and educational programs within or near the neighborhood is a key aspect, contributing to its family-friendly appeal.
  • Historical Context: Like many areas in Baltimore, Frankford may have its own unique historical background, contributing to the rich tapestry of Baltimore’s history. The area was once known as Gardenville, as it was home to many of the local truck farms servicing the loca Baltimore metro areas.

Like in any urban residential area, there are car and personal injury insurance claims in the Frankford neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. These claims can span a range of issues typically covered by various types of insurance. Common types of insurance claims in such neighborhoods might include:

  • Auto Insurance Claims: Given the urban setting and the presence of busy roads, claims related to car accidents, theft, vandalism, and other vehicle-related incidents are common.
  • Homeowners Insurance Claims: These can be filed for various reasons, including property damage from storms, fires, theft, vandalism, and other incidents affecting homes.
  • Liability Claims: These can arise if someone is injured on a property and the property owner is deemed liable, or in cases of certain types of accidents involving residents of the area.

If you sustained an injury after a car accident in Baltimore’s Frankford neighborhood, you’ve  at least had the good fortune to be injured in close proximity to world-class medical care:

Hospitals located relatively close to Baltimore’s Frankford neighborhood include:

  • MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital – This hospital is located to the west of Frankford and offers a wide range of medical services. It’s known for its rehabilitation center, among other specialties. The emergency room is renowned for offering medical care to individuals involved in car accidents and other catastrophic injuries.
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center – Situated to the south of Frankford, Johns Hopkins Bayview is part of the Johns Hopkins Health System and offers a broad array of medical services, including a renowned geriatrics center and emergency services.The emergency room is well-known for providing medical assistance to individuals affected by car accidents and other severe injuries.
  • MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center – Located to the east of Frankford, in the Rosedale area, this hospital provides comprehensive medical services and is one of the largest community teaching hospitals in Maryland.
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital – Although a bit further away, located in east Baltimore, this world-renowned hospital is accessible from Frankford and offers top-tier medical care in a wide range of specialties. The emergency room is famous for providing medical care to people who have been in car accidents and other catastrophic injuries.

Case Study: Accident Prone Intersections in Frankford, Baltimore Md.

The Frankford neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, like many urban residential areas, is characterized by a network of streets that may not be as prominent as those in the city’s commercial or downtown areas. However, there are still several key roads and intersections that can be considered significant within or near the neighborhood. The neighborhood’s location provides relatively easy access to major highways, which is convenient for commuting and accessing other parts of Baltimore and surrounding areas. The neighborhood is typically accessible via major roads like Frankford Avenue, Moravia Road, and Sinclair Lane. These roadways are well-traveled high-volume thoroughfares, and, unfortunately, fertile ground for mishaps, car accidents, and other acts of negligence. Three intersections are the most heavily traveled, and provide the most work for car accident lawyers in Frankford Baltimore MD 21206.

  • The intersection of Frankford Avenue and Moravia Road: This intersection is a notable point, as both Frankford Avenue and Moravia Road are major streets in the area.
  • Radecke Avenue and Avenue: As roads that are part of the neighborhood’s identity, the intersection of Radecke and Cedonia Avenues could be a central point within the neighborhood.
  • Belair Road Intersections: While not directly within Frankford, Belair Road is a major thoroughfare nearby, and its intersections with roads leading into the neighborhood are significant for access and traffic flow.
  • The intersection of Sinclair Lane and Moravia Road: Sinclair Lane is another significant road in the area, and its intersection with Moravia Road can be an important junction. The level of traffic can vary based on the time of day, with peak hours typically occurring during morning and evening commutes. Additionally, traffic patterns can change due to road works, development projects, and changes in the urban layout. The significant aspect of the intersection is its large and open nature. There are dedicated left and right turn lanes and two dedicated straight or “through” lanes. Not surprisingly, with the level of traffic moving, at speed, invariably directly, it can become difficult for drivers to remain in the appropriate lanes. Countless Frankford personal injury and auto accident claims involve allegations that a driver moved into “their” lane, causing the accident and injury.

Legal Analysis: Reasons for Frankford, Baltimore MD Auto Collisions

Let’s look at some of the common legal principles, cases, and statutory provisions, involved in these “lane change” accidents. Maryland Transportation Code § 21-309- Driving on Laned Roadways provides an important framework for analyzing accidents occurring in this intersection and provides:

“(a) On any roadway that is divided into two or more clearly marked lanes for vehicular traffic, the following rules, in addition to any others consistent with them, apply.

(b) A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane and may not be moved from that lane or moved from a shoulder or bikeway into a lane until the driver has determined that it is safe to do so.”

Failing to stay within one lane or directly “crossing” over into the lane of traffic moving in the same direction are some of the most commonly cited causes of Baltimore car accidents generally, and those occurring in Baltimore’s Frankford neighborhood.

Remember that it’s essential to choose an attorney with experience in handling car accident or personal injury cases who is licensed to practice in Maryland, and one who handles car accident cases in the Frankford neighborhood of Baltimore. I routinely handle car accidents and personal injury cases that arise in the Frankford neighborhood. I serve clients throughout the entire city of Baltimore and the surrounding areas. I am easily accessible from every part of Baltimore, and am always available by phone, online, by text or email.

To get from the Frankford neighborhood of Baltimore, MD, to my office at 1001 North Calvert Street in Baltimore, you can use the following directions:

Start in Cedonia/Frankford: Begin your journey from your current location in the Cedonia/Frankford neighborhood. Head South on Frankford Avenue: Drive south on Frankford Avenue, which is one of the main roads in the area. Merge onto I-895 South (Harbor Tunnel Thruway): Follow the signs to merge onto I-895 South (Harbor Tunnel Thruway). This is a toll road. Merge onto I-95 North: After a short distance on I-895, merge onto I-95 North. Take Exit 53 for I-395/Downtown Baltimore: As you continue on I-95 North, take Exit 53 towards I-395/Downtown Baltimore. Continue onto I-395 North: Merge onto I-395 North, which will take you closer to downtown Baltimore. Take Exit 3 for Conway Street/Pratt Street: After a short distance on I-395, take Exit 3 for Conway Street/Pratt Street. Turn Left onto Pratt Street: At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn left onto Pratt Street. Continue onto Calvert Street: Drive on Pratt Street for a short distance, and then continue onto Calvert Street. Arrive at 1001 North Calvert Street: Continue on Calvert Street until you reach 1001 North Calvert Street. This should be your destination.

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