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A Baltimore Injury Lawyer Discusses the Most Overrated Car Accident Cases.

I agree it’s not appropriate to label any type of Baltimore car accident claim as “overrated” in a specific sense, as the value and validity of a claim depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident and the injuries sustained. Moreover, someone hurt in such an accident may feel their claim is marginalized or trivialized.... Read more »

The Leading Cause Of Car Accidents According To Baltimore Injury Lawyer Is…..

Baltimore Car accidents occur for myriad reasons, encompassing human errors, environmental factors, and vehicle issues. However, human errors are the predominant cause in the vast majority of cases. Many, if not most, Baltimore accidents occur where vehicles are forced together: at intersections. Baltimore Injury and accident trial attorneys know that it is here that the... Read more »

What Are Baltimore’s Underrated Personal Injury Claims? A Lawyer’s Perspective

Baltimore personal injury and car accident cases can be complex and highly dependent on specific circumstances and jurisdictions. Personal injury cases in Baltimore vary widely, and what may be considered undervalued by one injury attorney in one situation may not be the same in another- even in that same personal injury lawyer’s opinion. As a... Read more »

Which Baltimore Injury Lawyers Think Highway Accidents Are More Serious

The severity of a motor vehicle accident can be judged in terms of the potential for injury, fatality, and the damage caused.  Insurance claims adjusters will almost invariably tell your chosen Baltimore injury and accident lawyer that it is the amount of property damage that is the truest measure of car accident severity, without a... Read more »

What Are Baltimore’s Most Undervalued Car Accident Cases?

Every Baltimore personal injury lawyer has their client’s cases undervalued every time they speak to an insurance adjuster. The insurance company that overvalues personal injury claims consistently will likely not be in the insurance business for long. Is there a type of Baltimore personal injury case the insurance industry, generally, undervalues?  Determining the “most undervalued”... Read more »

An Accident Lawyer Discusses Baltimore’s Most Overvalued Personal Injury Cases

It’s unfair for any injured victim of negligence to have their insurance claim undervalued. It’s a significant slap to the face. Long-time Baltimore injury and accident lawyers also know the reverse can be true. While the insurance company is unlikely to ever, ever, ever, overvalue a case, a plaintiff, or their family, may have certain... Read more »

Why Baltimore Injury Lawyers Believe Baltimore Car Accidents Occur In Intersections.

The assumption that most Baltimore car accidents- at least those involving serious personal injury,-occur in or near intersections, has a certain logical appeal. It makes sense. Baltimore’s intersections are the arenas where motorists interact with each other, at speed, in moving machines. The idea that here is where many injury-causing wrecks occur seems intuitive, unlike... Read more »

Why Baltimore Accident Lawyers Say A T-Bone Is The Most Significant Car Accident?

Despite what the insurance company says, any Baltimore car accident has the potential to cause harm. A “T-Bone” accident is a potentially devastating accident. The severity of any accident depends on factors such as the speed of the vehicles, the point of impact, the safety features of the vehicles involved, and the use of seat... Read more »

How Many Baltimore Injury Lawyers Say a Rollover is the Worst Car Accident ?

Hearing of a Baltimore City rollover car accident creates a certain fear and apprehension in the listener. These accidents happen when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof. The evidence shows that rollovers are more likely to occur with taller vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. Experienced Baltimore injury and accident lawyers have seen... Read more »

Why A Baltimore Injury Lawyer Believes a Head-on Collision is the Most Serious Car Accident?

Baltimore car accidents can vary widely in terms of severity and impact the same as they do in any other jurisdiction. Some of the injurious and damaging types of car accidents are those that often result in lifelong severe injuries, fatalities, and extensive monetary loss. Baltimore car accident and injury lawyers know the presence of... Read more »

Which Baltimore Accident Attorney Says a Multi-Car Pile Up Is The Most Injurious Car Accident?

Any motor vehicle accident is a serious matter. When personal injury, lost wages, or other economic loss ensues, this is no less so. Often an experienced Baltimore Car Accident attorney is brought in to recover those losses for the injured. Every personal injury that has ever occurred in Baltimore City Maryland is unique, and every... Read more »

Can I File A Lawsuit if I Was Hurt By Golf Cart in Baltimore?

Like motor vehicle accidents, golf cart accidents occur every day in Baltimore. Amazingly, “more than 6,500 children are hurt by golf carts every year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Just more than half those injured are children under 12.” An experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney will conduct a detailed analysis to determine legal... Read more »