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Baltimore’s Personal Injury Claim Value Guidelines

The title is somewhat of a misnomer, as there are no official or recognized “guidelines”, as such, for the proper valuation of a Baltimore personal injury case. There are, however, a variety of sources that seasoned and experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers consult, and factor into their analysis as to the value of their client’s... Read more »

Does A Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Go To Court?

Perhaps a more accurate way to frame this question would be “does a Baltimore personal injury attorney have to go to court in order to win my case”? For all of the obvious reasons, a successful outcome is all that matters. I have always said, and maintain, that when hiring a personal injury attorney for... Read more »

When Does A Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney Go To Court?

The easy answer is that the referenced Baltimore personal injury lawyer goes to court to obtain fair and just compensation for his or her client, where such reasonable and appropriate compensation has not been offered by the insurance company. Although a trial is an event in every sense, trial work is a process that typically... Read more »

How A Contingency Fee Works In A Baltimore Personal Injury Case.

“Contingency fee” is the common nomenclature used to describe the financial arrangement between a Baltimore personal injury lawyer and car accident victim. The Baltimore personal injury lawyer and the injured client agree to a fixed percentage to be paid from any financial recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. This seems, and... Read more »

How Much Does a Baltimore Car Accident Attorney Get Paid?

Hiring the right personal injury lawyer might be one of the most important decisions someone faces. For anyone who has sustained serious or limiting personal injuries in a Baltimore city car accident, the importance of consulting with – and potentially retaining or hiring- a competent, skilled, experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer is a vital step... Read more »

Lawyer Demystifies Serious Baltimore Car Accident Injuries

The best Baltimore car accident lawyers have, in the course of their careers, a multitude of personal injuries, from the relatively minor to the life-altering. The purpose of this article is to offer observations gleaned from the experience, from the perspective of a personal injury lawyer. What Are Considered Serious Car Accident Injuries? Serious car... Read more »

How To Hire The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Baltimore?

The hiring of a Baltimore personal injury lawyer is an important decision. Some states mandate that this language appears in every advertisement offered to the public about a personal injury lawyer. The fact that somebody decided to make a rule about it doesn’t diminish the importance of hiring an effective advocate for your personal injury... Read more »

Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyer v. Car Accident Lawyer

In general terms, a Baltimore truck accident lawyer can be different from a Baltimore car accident lawyer. While both types of lawyers may have knowledge and experience with motor vehicle accidents, there can be important differences between the two. Perhaps a more appropriate way to frame the conversation is that Baltimore injury lawyers who handle... Read more »

Hiring a Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney vs. Using Car Insurance

In the aftermath of any significant or catastrophic Baltimore, Maryland automobile accident, there is little doubt that several questions of moment arise. Perhaps not the first, but likely a prominent among those questions is something like: “should I hire a skilled, experienced Baltimore area personal injury litigator to handle this claim, or, should I allow... Read more »

Should I “Let the Car Insurance Handle” My Baltimore Accident Case?

Those injured in automobile accidents frequently ponder if it makes sense to retain an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer, or, if they should just “let the insurance handle it.” It’s a legitimate question. The answer is equally legitimate, and unequivocal. The standard advice when it comes to coping with the real-life consequences of a significant... Read more »

3 Key Things to NOT say about a Baltimore Personal Injury Claim.

I’ve handled thousands of insurance claims over the years. In my practice, we routinely handle car accident claims, personal injury protection claims, homeowners claims and commercial insurance carrier claims. When a claim cannot be resolved with the insurance company amicably, as a Baltimore personal injury litigator, I file a lawsuit in the appropriate jurisdiction, so... Read more »

Uncloaking The Free Consultation In A Baltimore Personal Injury Case

For many years, I have extended to my prospective or potential clients, or those that are simply contacting me about a general legal question the benefit of a complimentary case analysis and evaluation and strategy session. In common parlance, this is often referred to as a similar service, offered by other local  Baltimore area personal... Read more »