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Over the course of the last decade, I've published in excess of 700 articles in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, workers' compensation and insurance disputes, generally. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your case and learn how I can help.

Is Marijuana Legal In Maryland? The Possession Of Less Than 10 Grams/ “Personal Use” Exception
A long time Maryland drug charge defense attorney discusses the legal status of Marijuana in the State of Maryland.
What Is A Controlled Dangerous Substance, or CDS, In Maryland?
An experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer discusses the drug-related crimes and the various types of illegal substances.
What Is The Difference Between Possession Of CDS And Possession Of CDS With The Intent To Distribute?
There is no "bright line" rule on the difference between Possession and Possession with...
What Information Will I Need to Give to My Car Accident Attorney?
A Veteran Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Vital Information to Provide to A Personal Injury Attorney After a Motor Vehicle Accident.
If Someone Else Was Negligent Can I Sue Them ?
A veteran personal injury litigation attorney discusses damages in negligence cases.
If I Have A Prior Accident Or Injury Will It Affect The Value Of My Personal Injury Case ?
A longtime Baltimore car accident lawyer discusses the impact of prior accidents, prior injuries, and a history of treatment to those injured in a car accident.
If I Was Driving Without Insurance Involved and In A Motor Vehicle Accident. Can I Recover Compensation For My Losses?
A Seasoned Maryland Personal Injury and Accident Attorney Discusses the Ramifications of Not Having Car Insurance.
Top Five Common Mistakes To Avoid If Facing Criminal Charges.
A veteran Maryland criminal defense attorney discusses some situations to avoid if you find yourself accused of committing a crime.
Can I Use Witness Statements From An Accident At The Trial Of A Personal Injury Case?
A veteran Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses the Role of Witness Statements in Personal Injury Litigation, and, Whether The Witnesses Have To Come To Court?
What if the Other Driver Was Given A Citation for Negligent or Reckless Driving.
A veteran Maryland Personal Injury Attorney discusses the impact of a traffic citation on a liability determination in a subsequent personal injury case.
What are the 5 Most Common Items of Evidence in a Motor Vehicle Accident?
Any motor vehicle accident will have evidence. By far and away the most common form of evidence is...
How Is A Personal Injury Claim Different From A Personal Injury Protection Claim?
If you have been injured in a car accident, you may find that you have multiple claims arising from...
How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get My Car Fixed After A Motor Vehicle Accident?
The typical motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage generally results in four possible...
Why Is My Insurance Paying If The Accident Was Somebody Else's Fault?
I don't want my rates to go up after an accident.
Can I Recover For Stress Related Injuries at Work?
A Maryland Workers' Compensation Lawyer discusses the requirements of an injured worker's claim for benefits.
Is it Possible to Stop Someone from Testifying Against Me? Volume II
This article addresses specific privileges that exist in Maryland’s evidence code that allow...
Can I Prevent Someone from Testifying Against Me?
This question comes up frequently in connection with those charged with the commission of a crime....
Second Degree Burglary Under Maryland Law
How Long Does It Take For A Personal Injury Case To Go To Trial?
The answer to these commonly asked questions depends on whether you are a participant in a civil or...
What is Third Degree Burglary Under Maryland Law?

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