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Looking for a Detailed Analysis Regarding Your Legal Rights?

Over the course of the last decade, I've published in excess of 700 articles in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, workers' compensation and insurance disputes, generally. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your case and learn how I can help.

When Do I Qualify for PIP benefits?
The availability of PIP benefits directly affects the value of a Baltimore automobile/car accident...
What is Insurance Policy Stacking?
Insurance policy/coverage stacking
Are There Rules That Govern Insurance Claims Adjuster Conduct, Behavior and Decisions ?
Does The Insurance Company Have to Justify Its Actions If They Deny My Claim?
Does The Insurance Company Have To Have A Reason To Deny Or Fight My Claim?
If My Insurance Claim Is Denied, Does the Insurance Campany Have to tell Me Why?
Can An Insurance Company Put Used Parts in My Car?
What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket crash parts.
The Insurance Company Denied My Claim. Do I Get A Refund?
The insurance company denied my claim. Do I get a refund?
Is It Legal To Pass A Car on the Right In Maryland?
Can I be at fault if they passed me on the right?
When Is It Legal to Pass a Car in Maryland?
That guy was trying to pass me. Is he at fault?
What is a warranty?
What is a warranty?
Does Where the Accident Happened Determine How Much I Get?
Does It Matter Which Court or Which County Hears a Personal Injury Case?
Scope and Course of Employment: What is the coming and going rule?
When can an injured worker be denied workers' compensation benefits?
What does it mean to be hurt at work? When do you get Workers' Compensation?
When is an injured worker entitled to collect compensation?
Am I entitled to medical treatment if I'm hurt at work?
When hurt at work, one is entitled to, at a minimum, wage loss and medical are. Certainly that...
If I Was Hurt On the Job, What Benefits Do I Get?
The types of benefits and awards in workers' compensation cases.
What are False Arrest and False Imprisonment Under Maryland Law?
What can you do if wrongfully arrested and detained?
Will I Get Compensation for the Accident if There is No Insurance?
A veteran civil lawyer discusses the likelihood of collecting any money on a judgment where there is no insurance coverage.

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