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Looking for a Detailed Analysis Regarding Your Legal Rights?

Over the course of the last decade, I've published in excess of 700 articles in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, workers' compensation and insurance disputes, generally. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your case and learn how I can help.

What Is The Difference Between An Accident, a Mistake And An Act Of Negligence in Maryland?
A Long Time Maryland Injury And Accident Lawyer Discusses The Role Of Accidents, Acts Of God, Mistakes And Negligence
Is There A Limit or Cap On Compensation in a Maryland Personal Injury Case?
A veteran Baltimore, Maryland Lawyer discusses limitations on damages in a personal injury case.
Advice for People with Disabilities Who Run for Office
I'm proud to periodically offer guest posts with important, pertinent information for our community.
Maryland DR-015A /Advice of Rights Form
Do I Have to Sign Any Forms After a Maryland DUI Arrest?
If I Am Injured While At Work In Maryland Do I Have More Than One Injury Claim ?
If I Am Hurt At Work In Maryland Can I Bring More Than One Legal Case?
Can I Recover Monetary Damages for an ADA Violation?
Can I Recover Monetary Damages for the Violation of a Local Anti-Discrimination Ordinance?
Can Maryland Police Officer Arrest or Search Me if They Smell Marijuana / Cannabis?
Can a Maryland Police Officer Search My Car if They Smell Marijuana / Cannabis?
Reasons People Hire A Maryland Attorney.
What Are Reasons To Retain Legal Counsel? When Should I Hire A Maryland Lawyer?
Maximum Medial Improvement in a Maryland Workers' Compensation Case.
A veteran Maryland personal injury and workers' compensation lawyer discusses the impact of maximum medical improvement on a case.
Factors Considered in An Economic Damages Award In a Maryland Wrongful Death Case.
A long time Maryland attorney discusses various factors to be considered by a jury in deciding what economic damages to award to a family in a Maryland wrongful death case.
Who is Entitled to Bring a Maryland Wrongful Death Claim?
Can a Parent or Spouse Bring a Wrongful Death Claim?
What Are The Factors Considered In Determining The Value Of A Wrongful Death Claim?
What Does A Jury Consider When Deciding How Much To Ward The Beneficiaries and Family In Wrongful Death Case?
Who Is Entitled to the Proceeds of a Maryland Survival Claim?
Who Receives the Compensation From a Maryland Survival Claim if There is No Will?
COVID19/ coronavirus: Delays and Effects on Trial Dates.
The coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic has required closures of various parts of Maryland's economy,...
If I Was Injured In a Maryland Car Accident, Who Do I Sue?
A long-time Maryland accident attorney discusses the proper parties in a personal injury lawsuit.
What Happens If I Can't Settle My Maryland Personal Injury Case With The Insurance Company ?
What Are The Next Steps If An Insurance Company Won't Offer Fair Value For My Personal Injury Claim?
How Much Does A Lawyer Charge For A Car Accident Case?
What Are The Lawyers Fees For A Maryland Car Accident?
How Can An Insurance Company Tell Me I Have Not Been Injured In A Car Accident?
Is There Any Justification For An Insurance Company Telling Me I Was Not Injured?

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