Drug and CDS Crimes

A Hardened Maryland Drug/CDS Defense Attorney Can Help You Challenge Narcotics Charges

The compounds commonly referred to as “drugs” are defined and formally referred to under Maryland law as controlled dangerous substances [CDS]. As your defense attorney, I guarantee that narcotics found in violation of your rights cannot be used as evidence against you. 

What Can I Do If The Police Claim They Found Drugs in My Car?

Know the Common Drug and CDS Charges

The defense of drug and CDS crimes often involved somewhat sophisticated legal, constitutional, and factual defenses. A skilled criminal defense attorney can assist you in fully exploring, researching, documenting, and ultimately presenting defenses that might mean the difference between jail and freedom, between guilt or innocence, and between consequence or acquittal.. Drug-related offenses typically fall within several general categories, including:

To be sure, there are many other ways to violate Maryland’s drug laws, but the above represent the most commonly charged offenses.

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What is the Status of Marijuana Under Maryland Law?

Marijuana occupies a somewhat unique status under Maryland law. The possession of fewer than 10 grams of marijuana is no longer considered a criminal offense but rather a civil infraction, with a civil penalty. Moreover, Maryland law provides that the possession of marijuana in circumstances where it can be argued that there is a medical reason for use, i.e. “medical marijuana/cannabis” may be subject to different treatment.

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