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Can Artificial Intelligence/AI Handle a Baltimore Car Accident Case Better Than a Lawyer?

Every Baltimore personal injury and accident lawyer, who has seen or followed the rise of AI has no doubt questioned whether or not someday, soon, a machine or robot or chatbot will be doing his or her job better than he or she could. Of course, everyone has been, perhaps in varying degrees, interested, concerned,... Read more »

Will Artificial Intelligence/AI Replace Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers?

Every Baltimore personal injury and accident attorney who has witnessed the ascent of Artificial Intelligence/AI undoubtedly ponders whether a machine, robot, or chatbot could one day outperform their own work. Naturally, people have exhibited various levels of curiosity, concern, or apprehension regarding the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-generated technologies. These concerns encompass the... Read more »

Three Tips to Boost Your Baltimore Car Accident Settlement.

Legitimate Baltimore injury and accident claims do not need to be bolstered. However, common mistakes can jeopardize the case reaching its full financial potential. In this article, a long-time Baltimore injury and accident attorney offers some guidance and illustrative examples on pitfalls to avoid when pursuing an injury or accident claim.      Case Study: In... Read more »

How To Enhance The Value Of Your Baltimore Personal Injury Case.

The core arguments made by any Baltimore injury lawyer are that his or her client has been injured, has suffered economic and non-economic losses as a result, and deserves compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the unique facts and circumstances of each case. The focus of this article is not gimmicks to artificially or... Read more »

Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Compensation After a Baltimore Car Accident.

Baltimore personal injury and accident claims, by their very nature, progress through various stages: demand and negotiation, litigation, trial.  Any legitimate injury claim, or case, will of course stand on its own merits, to some extent. There are, though, nuances that can add to the case in a defensive sense. Litigation in serious Baltimore personal... Read more »

How Can I Maximize My Baltimore Car Accident Settlement?

Anyone who has sustained injury at the hands of another will understand that the amount of compensation they are entitled to is of vital importance. The job of a Baltimore injury lawyer is to secure a financial recovery that is sufficient to compensate them for their loss. This article does not address any “ secret... Read more »

A Baltimore Injury Lawyer Discusses the Most Overrated Car Accident Cases.

I agree it’s not appropriate to label any type of Baltimore car accident claim as “overrated” in a specific sense, as the value and validity of a claim depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident and the injuries sustained. Moreover, someone hurt in such an accident may feel their claim is marginalized or trivialized.... Read more »

The Leading Cause Of Car Accidents According To Baltimore Injury Lawyer Is…..

Baltimore Car accidents occur for myriad reasons, encompassing human errors, environmental factors, and vehicle issues. However, human errors are the predominant cause in the vast majority of cases. Many, if not most, Baltimore accidents occur where vehicles are forced together: at intersections. Baltimore Injury and accident trial attorneys know that it is here that the... Read more »

What Are Baltimore’s Underrated Personal Injury Claims? A Lawyer’s Perspective

Baltimore personal injury and car accident cases can be complex and highly dependent on specific circumstances and jurisdictions. Personal injury cases in Baltimore vary widely, and what may be considered undervalued by one injury attorney in one situation may not be the same in another- even in that same personal injury lawyer’s opinion. As a... Read more »

Which Baltimore Injury Lawyers Think Highway Accidents Are More Serious

The severity of a motor vehicle accident can be judged in terms of the potential for injury, fatality, and the damage caused.  Insurance claims adjusters will almost invariably tell your chosen Baltimore injury and accident lawyer that it is the amount of property damage that is the truest measure of car accident severity, without a... Read more »

What Are Baltimore’s Most Undervalued Car Accident Cases?

Every Baltimore personal injury lawyer has their client’s cases undervalued every time they speak to an insurance adjuster. The insurance company that overvalues personal injury claims consistently will likely not be in the insurance business for long. Is there a type of Baltimore personal injury case the insurance industry, generally, undervalues?  Determining the “most undervalued”... Read more »

An Accident Lawyer Discusses Baltimore’s Most Overvalued Personal Injury Cases

It’s unfair for any injured victim of negligence to have their insurance claim undervalued. It’s a significant slap to the face. Long-time Baltimore injury and accident lawyers also know the reverse can be true. While the insurance company is unlikely to ever, ever, ever, overvalue a case, a plaintiff, or their family, may have certain... Read more »