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What Can I Do If The Police Claim They Found Drugs in My Car?

In the typical scenario, police claim that a motorist committed a traffic infraction, pull over the driver, and, during the course of that stop, “uncover” contraband, typically drugs, and arrest the person for a narcotics offense.

Two concepts are vital to the defense of the case.

  • What was the reason to stop the car?

  • Once stopped, did the police have additional justification to search the car, the occupants?

What Can I Do If The Police Claim They Found Drugs in My Car

If either of these actions, the “stop”, or the activity after, typically the “search” can be successfully challenged on constitutional grounds, any evidence- contraband, guns, drugs, evidence of intoxication, will not be admissible against the defendant in a subsequent criminal prosecution. As attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, understanding the limitations on police conduct after a car is stopped is often the turning point in a case.

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