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Three Must-Take Steps After a Car Accident in Baltimore

As a long-time personal injury attorney practicing in and around Baltimore, I’ve handled hundreds of car accident claims. Thankfully, not every accident results in a personal injury, but when bodily harm does result, a Baltimore accident lawyer’s advice about the important steps to consider after the accident can be valuable.  For those claims not involving... Read more »

Common Car Accident Causes

In today’s fast-paced world, car accidents have become an unfortunate reality that many individuals and families must contend with. These unexpected and often devastating incidents can result in serious injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. While accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, it’s essential to understand the common causes to help mitigate the... Read more »

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

At the Law Offices of Eric T. Kirk in Baltimore, MD, we have extensive experience in representing motorcycle accident victims and understanding the types of injuries they commonly sustain. Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable on the roads due to their lack of protective barriers, making them more susceptible to severe injuries in accidents. Some of... Read more »

Why Baltimore Injury Lawyers Believe Baltimore Car Accidents Occur In Intersections.

The assumption that most Baltimore car accidents- at least those involving serious personal injury,-occur in or near intersections, has a certain logical appeal. It makes sense. Baltimore’s intersections are the arenas where motorists interact with each other, at speed, in moving machines. The idea that here is where many injury-causing wrecks occur seems intuitive, unlike... Read more »

Maximize Your Injury Compensation

Accidents can happen at any time, and when they do, they can turn your life upside down. The physical pain, emotional distress, and financial burdens that result from an injury can be overwhelming. This is where a personal injury lawyer can be a valuable asset. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence,... Read more »

Unpacking Work Injury Law

When an individual sustains an injury at work, a complex web of laws, regulations, and processes comes into play. Known collectively as work injury law, this field exists to protect both employees and employers in the aftermath of a workplace accident.  One of the primary components of work injury law is the workers’ compensation system.... Read more »

Liability In Lyft Accident Cases

When you find yourself involved in a Lyft accident, many questions and concerns immediately arise. Among the most important of these concerns is the issue of liability. Determining who is at fault in a Lyft accident can be a complicated process, with many factors to consider. There are three main parties involved in a Lyft... Read more »

Eligibility For Workers’ Compensation

When it comes to navigating the intricacies of workers’ compensation, understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial. Every year, numerous individuals find themselves injured or ill as a result of their workplace environment or job duties. In such cases, workers’ compensation can provide much-needed support and financial assistance. However, the process and eligibility criteria can often... Read more »

The True Cost Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can have a tremendous impact on the lives of those involved, as well as their families. The aftermath can bring about a whirlwind of emotions, physical pain, and financial burden. In this blog post, we will discuss the true costs associated with motorcycle accidents. When one thinks about the costs of a motorcycle... Read more »

The Cost Of A Slip And Fall

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere – at work, in a store, or even at a friend’s house. When they do, the impact can be significant, not just physically, but financially as well. Many people don’t realize the hidden costs associated with these types of accidents, which can add up quickly, taking a toll... Read more »

Avoid These Car Accident Mistakes

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, and in the aftermath, it’s easy to make mistakes that could potentially harm your case should you decide to pursue compensation. As a law firm that has helped countless individuals navigate through the complexities of car accident claims, we’ve seen firsthand the common pitfalls that can occur.  One of... Read more »

Tips For Filing Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim can often feel like a daunting process. The paperwork, the wait, and the potential disputes can leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you navigate through the process of filing an insurance claim. The first step is to understand your policy. Take the time... Read more »

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