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Child Abuse – What Effect Does a Severe Severe Injury Have on the Charge?

The distinction in first and second degree child abuse rests on the severity of harm to the child victim. Experienced criminal defense lawyers Attorney Eric T. Kirk in Baltimore are aware the statutory definition of severe physical injury includes:

Child Abuse - What Effect Does a Severe Severe Injury Have on the Charge?

  • brain injury
  • starvation
  • disfigurement, and
  • the loss or impairment of a body part.

Corporeal punishment, may, in certain circumstances constitute appropriate corrective measure, rather than a malicious act designed to injure the child.

The notion of being falsely accused of child abuse is more than fodder for a Lifetime movie.
“Some studies have suggested that 10 percent of all reports may be baseless or intentionally false. Others may be based on mistakes or exaggerated concerns. Authorities in the field say most baseless complaints come from warring family members, particularly former spouses looking for revenge.” 1

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