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I Was Hit From the Rear. Is The Other Driver at Fault?

Most seasoned Baltimore personal injury lawyer Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you the answer, generally, is yes. All drivers must use reasonable care for to avoid car accidents the safety of others. If one of those drivers follows too closely, or fails to pay attention, and strikes the driver in front, then, yes, they are at fault. But that’s not necessarily automatic.

The driver of the car in front has responsibilities too.

I Was Hit From the Rear. Is The Other Driver at Fault?

They must signal an intent to slow, stop, or turn. They cannot stop suddenly, or without warning.  They cannot shift lanes suddenly when it no safe to do so If they fail to adhere to these requirements, it may well be determined that the front driver caused or contributed to the car accident. And of course, there is the “emergency doctrine” discussed in another guide, sometimes seized upon by judges to deny a claim. It may come as surprise, but judges in Baltimore City do determine that the driver of the front vehicle struck by the following vehicle either caused or contributed to an accident.

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