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Is My Car Accident On Film Or Surveillance Camera Footage?

One of the keys to assessing the value of any Baltimore personal injury case is determining the strength of the liability portion. Seasoned Baltimore personal injury and accident lawyers are well aware that a strong liability case is worth more, if for no other reason than the insurance company has less of a chance of winning at trial. Traditionally, many Baltimore personal injury cases are tried on a he-said / she-said basis. Occasionally, there are ‘independent witnesses’.

Is My Car Accident On Film Or Surveillance Camera Footage?

Increasingly, however, incidents occurring on our roadways are caught on CCTV or other surveillance cameras. It is impossible to know the number of surveillance cameras in the US. One unsourced study claimed there were 30 million. Recent claims suggest that number may approach 60 million. Certainly, there are millions. CCTV surveillance cameras are used by state and local governments and private entities. Some of these cameras, notably those used by the State Highway Department, show live feeds only but do not record.  There are moreover devices that appear to be cameras, that may actually only control the timing of lights at an intersection. The thorough Baltimore personal injury and accident lawyer Attorney Eric T. Kirk will advise his or her client to scour the location of the accident for the presence of CCTV surveillance cameras. The key thing to remember is that many of these devices are set to loop, or record over previous images at prearranged times, unless stopped from doing so. Quick action, directed to the appropriate party in control of the images is essential. If you’ve been injured, and believe the event has been captured on film, contact me today to protect and preserve this vital piece of your claim.

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