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Is USAA an Easy Insurance Company To Get a Settlement From?

Although perhaps somewhat below the radar screen of most national consumers, USAA is well known to Baltimore personal injury and accident lawyers Attorney Eric T. Kirk handling Maryland car accident claims. Perhaps USAA should be a little more well known.

The company proudly boasts that its net worth has increased from only 20 billion in 2011 to more than 27 billion today.1

USAA posted net income in excess of 2 billion dollars last in 2013 and 2015, and a net profit in excess of 3 billion in 2105.2

Is USAA an Easy Insurance Company To Get a Settlement From?

USAA perhaps generally enjoys a reputation somewhat better than its competitors. USAA nevertheless has the same incentives as the insurance industry generally, to limit claims exposure, to invest wisely, and make more money. USAA does not employ the in-house counsel model of defending claims that is has denied when litigation ensues. However, where USAA has forced an injured person to file suit by denying, diminishing or discounting the claim, they generally refer the case to some of the most well respected personal injury attorneys in Maryland to take the case to trial. Those insurance company lawyers are effective advocates, that successfully argue that Plaintiffs are no hurt, or just are not hurt that badly- each and every day. If you are in litigation with a USAA defense attorney, your adversary is likely one of the most talented and skilled insurance defense lawyers in Maryland.

I’ve been involved in a lot of cases with USAA. over the years. If USAA has made you an offer you can refuse, it might make sense to let an experienced attorney weigh in on the value of your case. I offer all Maryland injury victims a complimentary case analysis. Contact Me.