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I’ve been charged with Theft. What is Theft?

In these guides, I’ll explore in detail the myriad ways that one can commit a theft. Criminal defense lawyers in Baltimore Attorney Eric T. Kirk MD that remember their law school classes will tell you that theft, reduced to it most basic form, is stealing, or, put another way:

…..taking of something of value of another, intending that the other not get it back.

Theft, in all of it incarnations, is statutory crime in Maryland. There are a multitude of criminal acts that are covered by the statue:

  • unauthorized control
  • possession of stolen goods
  • deception

I've been charged with Theft. What is Theft?

Whatever the method is, to obtain a conviction, the State must also prove the defendant knew or intended the result- that the owner was not to get their property back.

A theft conviction is something that will stay with you for life. Theft is one of the crimes that the law considers to bear directly on your credibility and character. It’s difficult to explain on a job application or in an interview. It’s difficult to rationalize to school admissions staff. It’s tough to minimize it to church or community leaders. It’s a certainty that a theft conviction can


stand in the way of professional advancement. It’s fairly common for those accused of theft to own it, but claim it was “just a mistake.”  There is no such thing as unintentional theft. If the taking was truly unintentional, that is a defense to the charge. I’ve never seen that case. In most applications, the conduct that constituted the theft was intentional. It might be a mistake in judgment that lead to that conduct,  but the consequences can be devastating. If you’ve stand accused of being a thief, it is vital to your future that you immediately get out in front of the case.

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