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Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD | Maryland Accident Attorney | Eric T. Kirk - personal-injury-attorneyBodily injury can take many forms, and arise from many causes. I've seen them all. When the cause of the injury is the fault -whether intentional or careless- of another person, the law gives the victim the right to recover for their injuries, I've spent my career recovering compensation for those hurt, through no fault of their own, by the wrongful acts of others. When an insurance company denies a request for payment, I immediately and vigorously pursue monetary compensation through the courts. I am licensed in Maryland, New York and Florida and have a long history of helping clients in the greater Baltimore area recover just compensation. 

Have you been injured because of someone else's negligence?

Accidents happen every day. Sometimes accidents are caused by things outside the control of any person- an act of God or a natural disaster.

Often, however, what many may call "accidents" are caused by the failure of one person to exercise the appropriate level of caution for the safety of others.

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD | Maryland Accident Attorney | Eric T. Kirk - personal-arm-injuryWhen someone fails to act sensibly, and engages in conduct that creates a risk of harm to others, such acts are considered negligent. When that failure to use due care results in injury to another person, Maryland law recognizes that victim's right to recover monetary compensation- called damages.

Damages are based on the losses sustained by the victim.

Economic losses like medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and out-of-pocket expenses for car rentals or pharmacy charges are recoverable. The law also recognizes a victim's right to recover non-economic damages, which take into account their physical and emotional pain, discomfort and disability.

I've recovered millions of dollars for people injured by the negligence of others. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD | Maryland Accident Attorney | Eric T. Kirk - personal-injury-compensationPutting a dollar value on the specific ways that an injury has lessened the quality of someone's life is not necessarily an easy calculation to make. Determining fair value for a case is a vital role of a personal injury attorney. Many victims of negligence choose to employ experienced legal counsel to guide them through the often lengthy, frustrating and confusing process of recovering money for their injuries. From the identification of a viable claim, to negotiation with huge insurance companies, to presenting that claim to a court or jury.


"Victims need the guidance of an effective advocate to advance their claims. I am that advocate." 

If you've been injured, I'd be honored to meet with you, in person or by phone, to go through the specifics of your claim. This initial legal analysis and case opinion is a complimentary service I offer to my clients. Fill out the form below, and I will personally contact you as soon as I can to further discuss your case.

Advocating for Your Rights

I’m so grateful Eric that took case. I must say that I had to have been his most complicated client as far as consistency. Eric very patient, genuine and dependable. He definitely won both of my cases for me. If the insurance company is playing games with your money Eric is the guy to call. Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore MD | Maryland Accident Attorney | Eric T. Kirk - stars Val L.


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