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Restraining Order

Criminal Defense

There are some things that are put in place that protect individuals or businesses that may face any harm. Restraining orders give people the peace of mind knowing that a court has ordered that an individual or entity is to stay away from someone. There are several reasons someone may wish to have a restraining order against someone, things that can lead to potential harm or where alleged violence may occur. Such as assault, battery, harassment or even stalking. Domestic violence is a common instance that warrants a court mandated restraining order against someone. This occurs when individuals that know each other, whether they are former lovers, spouses, or live in the same household, these people can have a restraining order put out against one another. There may be an instance where an individual has trouble accepting a relationship has ended and starts to get aggressive. A restraining order will allow a petitioner space from that person by law. Laws vary from state to state and oftentimes are put in place by women according to a sexual assault lawyer from The Lynch Law Group, but this is not to discourage men from requesting restraining orders as well. Luckily, restraining orders help with a lot of toxic relationships not ending in hurt or serious danger. Because of this mandated court order, people feel more protected and at peace.

Restraining orders are not limited only to past lovers, but also parents, children, and other individuals you may feel have harmed you, or would like to harm you as a criminal defense attorney well knows. In the event that you or someone you know has come to worry for their own safety for any reason, it is best to speak with an attorney about what your options are regarding your safety. There is also a possibility that these concerns may lead to criminal charges on the other party’s behalf. It is important to note that, should you file a restraining order against someone, and they disobey the restrictions, they can facetime in jail. Your safety is a very high priority and if you feel as though you are unsafe, please contact a criminal defense attorney in your area to see what your options are. There are specific steps that must be taken to ensure you are granted what you are asking for, and sometimes it is easy to overlook a step and prolong the application process which in turn prolongs your safety, speak with an attorney before making any decision or taking any action.