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Threatening and Attempting to Burn under Maryland Law

Criminal Defense attorneys in Baltimore know that a written of verbal threat to burn a structure or set off a bomb, is treated seriously, carrying a penalty of 10 years in prison. Baltimore Criminal Defense attorneys Attorney Eric T. Kirk has also seen that “attempt” has a specific definition under the arson law – placing the incendiary material in the place to be burned, with the intent to burn.

Threatening and Attempting to Burn under Maryland Law

Maryland law additionally contains specific provisions dealing with threats or false statements where a destructive device is concerned.

Section 9-504 of the Criminal Law Article provides: “person may not circulate or transmit to another, with intent that it be acted on, a statement or rumor that the person knows to be false about the location or possible detonation of a destructive device.: This crime is treated harshly as well, with a  maximum possible sentence of 10 years.

Destructive device is defined quite broadly under applicable Maryland law. Section 9-504 of the Criminal Law Article tells us that a destructive device is ” explosive material, incendiary material, or toxic material that is: combined with a delivery or detonating apparatus so as to be capable of inflicting injury to persons or damage to property; or  deliberately modified, containerized, or otherwise equipped with a special delivery, activation, or detonation component that gives the material destructive characteristics of a military ordnance.”

Included within the definition are:
  • bomb
  • grenade
  • mine
  • shell
  • missile
  • flamethrower
  • poison gas
  • Molotov cocktail
  • pipe bomb, and
  • petroleum-soaked ammonium nitrate.

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