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What Does A Jury Consider When Awarding Damages/Compensation for Personal Injury?

The job of personal injury counsel is to show how the law applies, favorably, to the factual circumstances of his or her client. As attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, Maryland law provides that jurors are instructed to consider several factors in fashioning an appropriate award:

What Does A Jury Consider When Awarding Damages/Compensation for Personal Injury?

  • the nature and extent of plaintiff’s injuries, and the length of the process of recuperation
  • the effect those injures have on the mental and physical condition of the plaintiff
  • physical and mental pain and anguish, past, present, and future
  •  disfigurement, scarring, and embarrassment
  • medical expenses past, present, and future
  • loss of earning-or earrings potential- past, present, and future.

The bottom line, and the job of a personal injury attorney is to present a compelling case that the Plaintiff suffered lasting harm as the result of the accident, if the client, in fact, sustained that lasting type of injury.

The most effective way I’ve come across to accomplish this is by the presentation of thoughtful, honest, and well-prepared testimony showing that Plaintiff’s day to day activities, pursuits, responsibilities, and hobbies were adversely impacted or hampered as a result of the accident.

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