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What Happens if I Skip Bail in Maryland?

I would venture that most people understand that if you post bail and don’t show up at your trial, your money is gone.

What Happens if I Skip Bail in Maryland?

Experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyers Attorney Eric T. Kirk knows there are additional penalties. One can be imprisoned for 5 years if the underlying offense is a felony and 1 year if it is a misdemeanor. The non-compliant person is also subject to criminal contempt sanctions. Maryland recognizes several methods to post bail:

“Cash Bail
“Cash bond” may be posted by the defendant, an individual, or by a private surety.  If you appear for trial or the charges are disposed of before trial, the amount posted will be refunded.  If you do not appear, the bail becomes due and any cash posted will be forfeited.

Property Bail
Property (land or home) in Maryland may be used to post bail, provided that the net equity in the property meets or exceeds the amount of bail.

Intangible Assets:

  • Bankbooks and certificates of deposit accepted at 100 percent of stated value,
  • Letters of credit from a bank,
  • cCertificates for stocks listed on the American or New York Stock Exchange, accepted at 75 percent of the present exchange quotation.”


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